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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

From Common Core to Common Sense, Part 2

Just when I thought the week couldn't get any better for educators in Texas, the Attorney General Greg Abbott reinforces the message from my previous correspondence with Barbara Cargill and TEA see: From Common Core to Common Sense. Several months ago Senator Dan Patrick asked for an opinion regarding the interpretation of  HB 462. The senator asked for an opinion on whether school districts using the Common Core State Standards Initiative (“Common Core Standards”) “in any way to teach state standards violates the law.” This was political attempt at either asking if violating the law violates the law or if using common core aligned materials violates the law. Either way, it is a typical Patrick political attempt to get attention by asking for an Attorney General opinion. Nonetheless, without trying, he helped educators everywhere.

In a nutshell, the Attorney General reaffirmed the opinion of the Texas Education Agency: You can use any materials you choose (whether they are aligned with Common Core or not) to teach the TEKS in Texas.

Here is the AG opinion in full:

Note: I do not advocate the use of Common Core State Standards in Texas, I like the TEKS just the way they are.

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